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EYELASH TRAINING: Classic | Volume | Business

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This course was created with your success, client's health, client's safety, and client's satisfaction in mind! LASHFIX Academy makes lashing simple and easy to understand. While, targeting solution-based strategies and remaining on trend - no matter the technique!   In this program we will focus on: Classic, Volume, and Hybrid techniques along with Business. The Classic technique is the foundation to all lash extension applications and the keys to a successful lash career. Classic is the application of one eyelash extension onto one natural eyelash. This is usually seen as a beginner friendly technique. However, this is the hardest technique to master because detail and hand positioning are key. The Volume technique provides a fuller look with two different options: American/Russian Volume and Mega Volume. The American/Russian Volume differs in length and provides a medium density look.  Mega Volume provides over the top fullness. These two versions of one technique are applied the same. Volume is the application of 2 to 20 eyelash extensions onto one natural eyelash. The Hybrid technique is the combination of Classic and Volume for a wispy effect. Over the years, I have designed my own approach to hybrid called, "The LASHFIX Method". My approach varies in the use of curls, diameters, and mapping. A successful career isn't possible without proper management. Therefore, we will also cover business and clientele management and everything in between. Welcome to LASHFIX!

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