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Our volume promade 10D fan eyelash extensions are made with a slim base and heat bonded for a seamless application. It's natural matte surface for high impact look-at-me lashes. The uniform fans create a full effect and the look of a fuller natural lash line. Longer-lasting eyelash extensions due to slim base increasing surface area for attachment. Softer frame line and texture of this promade fan eyelash extension due to the premium material used to create fans.

LASHFIX10D Premade 1000 Fans Wheel

3.4 Ounces
Excluding Sales Tax
  • LASHFIX lash trays are cruelty free. Made of premium synthetic poly-fiber material (PBT).

    • 1000 per lash wheel

    • 125 lashes per length

    • Matte black

    • Holds shape

    • Soft 

    • Slim base

    • Heatbonded 

    • Save time, money, & space!

    • 0.05 mm width

    • C-curl

    • Mixed tray lengths:  11mm,12mm, 13mm,14mm, 15mm,16mm, 17mm, and 18mm

    • Not suitable for Classic application

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