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LASHFIX Realistic Mannequin w/ Lids is the best addition to hands on training or practice.  She is the most realistic training mannequin on the market!


This mannequin features silicon eyelids to mimic human skin and eyelashes in three different growth stages.  She is easy to use and clean. You never have to worry about applying practice strips to your mannequin -- she is already equipped with 150 permanent eyelashes. 


Who needs a human, when you have the LASHFIX Realistic Mannequin w/ Lids?

LASHFIX Realistic Mannequin w/ Lids

14.2 Ounces
Excluding Sales Tax
Skin Tone
    • Dimensions:  5.3 inches x 7.4 inches x 11 inches
    • Removable Eyelids w/ 150 lashes per lid
    • Cruelty free! Made of premium synthetic poly-fiber material (PBT)
    • Eyelashes on lid vary in 3 different growth stages:  anagen, catagen, and telogen
    • Mannequin is made of silicon material
    • Includes one additional set of eyelids
    • Matte black eyelashes
    • I-curl eyelashes 
    • Two skin tone options:  Mahogany or Olive
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