LASHFIX Retention Tutorial focuses on the cause, effect, and solution that effective retention! All accomplished at the comfort of your cell phone, laptop, or desktop with an easy to follow presentation. Now, with that said Ladies and Gent's, are you READY to discover the LASHFIX way of lashing?


RETENTION Online Tutorial (Is It You? Is It The Client?)

  • We will discuss the following areas:

    •  Eyelash Anatomy
    •  Eyelash Growth Cycle
    •  Understanding Adhesive Pt.1
    •  Understanding Adhesive Pt.2
    •  Understanding Adhesive Pt.3
    •  Who Are Not Candidates For Eyelash Extensions?
    • Retention: Is It You? Is It The Client? Pt.1
    •  Retention: Is It You? Is It The Client? Pt.2
    • Application Prep
    • Aftercare